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Image of Car Parks

Car Parks

´Car Parks´ is a collection of modern parking facilities.

CHF 109.00
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Image of Inside/Outside Office Design
CHF 105.00
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Image of Inside Outside Office Design III

Inside Outside Office Design III

A comfortable and functional office environment is vital for the well-being of employees and for the efficiency of a business as a whole. Inside/Outside Office Design III is the latest title in this highly successful series, presenting an up-to-date collection...

CHF 102.00
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Image of Iron History and Technique

Iron History and Technique

A presentation of the art of wrought iron through to the present day.

CHF 67.90
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Image of On-A Emotion Architecture

On-A Emotion Architecture

The greatest architectural works designed by ON-A over the past decade are placed under the spotlight, offering valuable insights into the industry and discussing the opportunities and challenges they have encountered.

CHF 89.90
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Image of Urban Landscape Planning

Urban Landscape Planning

Taking a close look at the contribution to the urban landscape made by a range of public space designs.

CHF 75.90
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