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Image of A Jealous Ghost

A Jealous Ghost

There is something rather disquieting about Sallie Declan, a young American in London, and it is not just her obsession with Henry James´s The Turn of the Screw, the subject of her PhD thesis. But a progressively darker reality unfolds as we are led...

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Image of Alan Turing: The Enigma

Alan Turing: The Enigma

Alan Turing was the extraordinary Cambridge mathematician who masterminded the cracking of the German Enigma ciphers and transformed the Second World War. This title presents his portrait.

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Image of A Long And Lonely Road

A Long And Lonely Road

Liverpool, Christmas 1938. Rose McAllister is waiting for her husband, Steve, to come home. He is a seaman, often drunk and violent, but Rose does her best to cope and see that her daughters, Daisy and Petal, suffer as little as possible. Steve, however,...

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Image of Arabella


A fiery debutante. An ill-tempered bachelor. A Regency romance for the ages. Arabella, the daughter of an impoverished country parson, dreams of a new life in London. But her beauty and charm will only get her so far and when Arabella embarks on her first...

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Image of Bath Tangle

Bath Tangle

Noted for his eccentricity, the Earl of Spenborough leaves a widow younger than his own daughter Serena, and his fortune to the trusteeship of the Marquis of Rotherham - the man his daughter had jilted. Here, Lady Serena finds herself involved with her...

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Image of Charity Girl

Charity Girl

When Fate and a chivalrous impulse combine to saddle Viscount Desford with a friendless homeless waif named Cherry Steane, to whom else should he turn in such a scrape but his old childhood playmate, Henrietta Silverdale?

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Image of Cousin Kate

Cousin Kate

Kate Malvern is rescued from penury by her aunt Minerva. Kate´s uncle lives in one wing of the grand household, and handsome, moody cousin Torquil in another. And, when Kate begins to suspect the shocking reason for Minerva´s generosity, she has no...

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Image of Death in the Stocks

Death in the Stocks

An English bobbie returning from night patrol finds a corpse in evening dress locked in the stocks on the village green. He identifies the body immediately. Andrew Vereker was not a well-loved man, and narrowing down the suspects is not going to be an...

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Image of Death Of A Dutchman

Death Of A Dutchman

All over Florence tourists were being robbed, cars stolen, and somewhere in the city terrorists were quietly at work. So the suicide of a Dutch jeweller looked like an open and shut case. Certainly, there were some slight discrepancies. But the only witnesses...

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Image of Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

The authoritive and affectionate biography of the Queen Mother from a highly respected Royal biographer. From her privileged aristocratic childhood, to the abdication and the problems with Diana, this book questions how she coped. This is a candid, personal...

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