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Image of Attacks in Aikido

Attacks in Aikido

For the first time: an aikido book that focuses on the attack techniques! Although aikido is a purely defensive martial art, attack techniques need to be practiced in order for the training partners to exercise the defense against them. And for the aikido...

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Image of Life Energy Encyclopedia

Life Energy Encyclopedia

In every part of the world, already thousands of years ago, humans have speculated about some kind of life force. In China it is called qi (also spelled chi), in India prana, in ancient Greece pneuma, in Latin spiritus, and in Hebrew ruach. There are...

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Image of Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

Occasionally I Contemplate Murder

We should be very careful, when trying to scrutinize our cosmos. Who knows, if we succeed, if we have a major breakthrough, we might just blow it all. Like a soap bubble, when touched by the fingertip of a curious child. Maybe that is what it´s about....

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Image of Qi


Qi is the Chinese word for life energy, also spelled chi or ki. It is the essence used in acupuncture, qigong and taiji, as well as many other traditional arts in China and Japan. Its western counterpart is the spirit, or inspiration. This book explains...

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