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Image of A Europe of Nations

A Europe of Nations

A new millennium has begun: the millennium of great political blocs. Whether it is America against China, Shi´ite Iran against the Sunni world, or Russia against the West, global superpowers are locking horns, seeking to spread or defend their cultures....

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Image of Against Democracy and Equality

Against Democracy and Equality

Against Democracy and Equality was the first book ever published in the English language on the European New Right, and it remains an indispensable introduction to a school of thought which remains a vibrant force in the understanding of European politics....

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Image of A Handbook of Traditional Living

A Handbook of Traditional Living

A Handbook of Traditional Living consists of two texts originally published by the Italian cultural organisation Raido, translated here for the first time: The World of Tradition and The Front of Tradition. The first is a comprehensive summary of the...

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Image of Archeofuturism


Archeofuturism, an important work in the tradition of the European New Right, is finally now available in English. Challenging many assumptions held by the Right, this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998. Faye believes...

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Image of Beyond Human Rights

Beyond Human Rights

Beyond Human Rights is the second in an ongoing series of English translations of Alain de Benoist´s works to be published by Arktos. Alain de Benoist begins Beyond Human Rights with an examination of the origins of the concept of ´human rights´ in...

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Image of Convergence of Catastrophes

Convergence of Catastrophes

The thesis of this book is a terrifying one: our present global civilisation will collapse within twenty years, and it is too late to stop it. We shall regress to a ´New Middle Ages´ akin to the fall of the Roman Empire, only much more destructive....

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Image of Ethnos and Society

Ethnos and Society

In this monograph, Dugin provides an overview of the primary foreign and Russian sources and schools that influenced the establishment of ethnosociology as an independent and original scientific discipline. Dugin offers a profoundly philosophical approach...

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Image of Eurasian Mission

Eurasian Mission

According to Alexander Dugin, the twenty-first century will be defined by the conflict between Eurasianists and Atlanticists. The Eurasianists defend the need for every people and culture on Earth to be allowed to develop in its own way, free of interference,...

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Image of Fascism Viewed from the Right

Fascism Viewed from the Right

In this book, Julius Evola analyses the Fascist movement of Italy, which he himself had experienced first-hand, often as a vocal critic, throughout its entire history from 1922 until 1945. Discussing - and dismissing - the misuse of the term ´fascism´...

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Image of Fighting for the Essence

Fighting for the Essence

Dr. Krebs offers a devastating critique of multiculturalism, showing that although it claims to be the watchman of racial and cultural diversity, it is actually destructive to both, as it denies the significance of racial differences altogether. He traces...

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