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Image of A Blogger´s Route to a Saner World

A Blogger´s Route to a Saner World

This book reveals how the author dealt with a life that, as far he was concerned, had been challenged spiritually and ethically. He left a successful and prestigious job in Oxford and subsequently walked for thirty two days across Spain in 2004. Blogs...

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Image of Emergence of the New Majority--Volume 1 of Social Capitalism in Theory and Practice

Emergence of the New Majority--Volume 1 of Social Capitalism in Theory and Practice

In democracies throughout the industrialised world, political systems are everywhere beginning to unravel, and thinking people - even amongst our leaders - are uncertain of the reason why. Whilst most governments drive towards greater equity and justice,...

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Image of Land of Shadows

Land of Shadows

In the wake of 9/11, the events following a murder case that Jewish American-Danish lawyer Jon Baeksgaard is conducting for the defense of a Moslem client bring him and the co-workers of his small East village office into the midst of a tense political...

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Image of Land of the Olympians

Land of the Olympians

This is a penetrating study of many aspects of life, thought, and everyday existence in Scandinavia, as experienced through the author´s 9-year residence in the enlightened far north in the 1960s. Robert Corfe is primarily known as a thought-provoking...

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Image of Loyalty and Disloyalty

Loyalty and Disloyalty

Imagine yourself transported to live with an early human hunter-gatherer group of 100 or so individuals, back about 250,000 years ago. Think of them as similar to one of the few forager societies still in existence today. As a basis for this exercise,...

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Image of No Sacred Oxen

No Sacred Oxen

In this unorthodox autobiographical collection of essays the author invites the reader into a world of travel, teaching, education, entertainment, chess, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, despair, political intrigue, faith and Catholicism. From beginning...

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Image of Populism Against Progress

Populism Against Progress

A sociological study of populism as a major influence in undermining standards in many spheres of life, through false values promoted either through or resulting from political activity, etc., or through corporate marketing forces. The book is of particular...

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Image of The Chill from Siberia

The Chill from Siberia

This is a moving tale about mid-19th century Poland, based on the experiences of the author´s forebears, during the time when her country was under the yoke of Tsarist oppression. The story is about a young noblewoman, Kamila, in the struggle to retain...

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Image of The Communication Generation

The Communication Generation

The day dawned softly on that first morning, as lost in a reverie she gazed into the middle distance. Pulling her treasured late mother´s frayed lilac woollen cardigan around her pyjama-clad body she shivered a little. Then with a deep sigh she began...

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Image of The Curse of The Great Train Robbery

The Curse of The Great Train Robbery

In the early hours of 8 August 1963, a crime took place which simultaneously captured the imagination of the general public, and shook the British Establishment to the core, in a way that no criminal event had ever done before. The Great Train Robbery,...

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