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Image of Accreditation Helps

Accreditation Helps

Ben Elliott, himself an ordained Alliance pastor and missionary, wants to be a part of answering just those kinds of questions. He has prepared this book as a resource to help you understand Alliance theology better (and to help you succeed at your accreditation...

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Image of Cosmos Theology

Cosmos Theology

JANUS, the Roman god of gates and doors who could see into past and future at the same time. How appropriate for an author who takes the past history of life and extrapolates it into the future! Looking into the past we see the evolution of life through...

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Image of Stories of the Cree

Stories of the Cree

Xavier Kataquapit´s stories describe and document lives, traditions and culture of the Cree and First Nation people in general. His unique perspective as an Aboriginal writer presents an informative and educational insight that provides for better understanding...

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Image of Why Religion?

Why Religion?

Many people are members of some kind of religion. A few fundamentalists even believe in theirs so strongly that they think it is correct to kill for it.Yet many people disagree with this reasoning, and a few atheists even claim there is no God anyway.There...

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