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Image of 100 Most Important Messages from Mom or Dad

100 Most Important Messages from Mom or Dad

It may be disconcerting knowing you may only have thirteen, sixteen, possibly twenty years to share your deepest wisdom and life lessons with your children. Once they hit the teen years and begin to think you´re not the smartest people in the world anymore,...

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Image of 1885 Crossings

1885 Crossings

Anna´s hand holding the letter trembled as her vision rocked, going in and out of focus. She felt as though she was falling backward and at the same time rolling forward, expecting to land face first on the floor. She put her hand on the table to brace...

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Image of 51


Lindsay Gold has recently been fired from her deputy´s position at a small county sheriff´s department in the Missouri Ozarks. Just as her family has begun to recover, however, two members of the county commission show up at her door. It seems the previous...

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Image of 616


Woodbury is one of those sleepy small towns in Middle Tennessee, and Main Street is just a place people pass through to get to somewhere else. No one takes any notice of the little town in the road except those who are born and raised here. That is, unless...

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Image of 7 Essential Writing Tools

7 Essential Writing Tools

Marni Freedman invites you to fall in love with the magic that is writing with writer-tested-and-approved tools on story structure, scene creation, plot, voice and character. You need this kind of kick in the pants. The master coach whose credits include...

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Image of A Bear´s Tale

A Bear´s Tale

A Bear´s Tale

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Image of A Beaver´s Tale

A Beaver´s Tale

After being picked on by bullies and gang members, Chip, a young beaver, embarks on a mission to discover if the old myths his grandfather has been telling him are true. He meets and comes to rely on a host of new friends during his journey to find the...

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Image of Abrazo


Lillian Prescott is immediately drawn to the chiseled good looks of her daughter´s ballroom dance instructor, although she can´t help but compare the worldly Russian Aras Rickus to her late husband. Lillian struggles with her growing desire and tries...

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A Child´s Psalm

Illustrations by Karen S. Grathoff and Karlie Vaughn

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Image of A Circumstantial Chance

A Circumstantial Chance

Even though Rita knows that life has its ups and downs, she still wishes she could change her circumstances. So far, Fate has left her to live with her grandparents full-time with occasional visits from her mother, Coral, that are never quite enough to...

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