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Image of Dancing in Odessa

Dancing in Odessa

Surreal enough to be true, these poems waltz through encounters within families and without. The people depicted are in equal measure brutal and tender, in narratives that are strangely innocent, compelling and convincing. The poems draw on archetype...

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Image of Half-light & Other Poems

Half-light & Other Poems

Half-Light & Other Poems brings together the most important and enduring poems by this neglected writer, one of Russia´s great 19th century poets. In a new translation by Peter France, the philosophical, social and literary struggles of Russia under...

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Image of Midnight & Other Poems

Midnight & Other Poems

Midnight and Other Poems is the first full-length poetry collection to be published in the UK by this remarkable Palestinian writer, previously known to English-language readers for his highly-acclaimed autobiography I Saw Ramallah (Bloomsbury, 2004)....

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Image of Peatlands


The poems in the first full-length collection to be published in the UK by the acclaimed Mexican poet Pedro Serrano are taken from Desplazamientos, a volume of selected poems which draws on all his collections since 1986. Chosen by both the poet and his...

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Image of Shape of Time

Shape of Time

´Shape of Time´ is Doris Kareva´s eleventh collection and, as with all her books, its publication was hailed as a major literary event in Estonia. In style, it is more restrained than her earlier collections but its themes are the same - love and its...

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Image of Six Estonian Poets

Six Estonian Poets

This anthology features the work of six of Estonia´s most celebrated poets. They write from their oral tradition and folklore, explore new forms of poetry through music, marginalia and note-making.

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Image of Six Latvian Poets

Six Latvian Poets

In this second anthology introducing contemporary Baltic poetry, we meet the younger generation of Latvian poets who started writing and publishing after the country gained independence following the disintegration of the Soviet Union of which it had...

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Image of Six Slovac Poets

Six Slovac Poets

Six Slovak Poets is the sixth volume in a series of bilingual anthologies of contemporary verse from Europe and beyond and features the work of poets of an older generation who started publishing in the 1960s. They lived through the difficult times that...

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Image of Sonata for Four Hands

Sonata for Four Hands

Amarjit Chandan´s long-awaited first full-length collection to be published in Britain comes with a preface by the distinguished writer John Berger, long-time admirer of Chandan´s work. Ironic, lyrical, sometimes angry or regretful, these poems, written...

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Image of Wolf One-Eye =

Wolf One-Eye =

Wolf One-Eye is an extraordinary cycle of poems - magical, mysterious, sinister, funny - about exile, in which the eponymous protagonist finds himself an exile froman ancient mythological landscape in a new realm of quarks and strange universes. Dislocated...

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