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Image of My Indian Residential School Days

My Indian Residential School Days

For many generations throughout the early 1800´s till the latter 1900´s, thousands of First Nations children were taken from their homes and forced to attend residential schools across the United States and Canada. These Church run schools were funded...

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Image of Stars and Stoves

Stars and Stoves

This new book is actually a revision and expansion of the author´s previously published cookbook. It was so well received that people wanted more - more books, and more recipes. So, here it is. What people really loved about this book is that it is not...

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Image of Swing for the Green

Swing for the Green

A young boy discovers the game of golf. This is a short story of a boy falling in love with his new sport. He overcomes many obstacles to finally achieve his goal - getting the ball in the hole makes it all worth it.

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