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Image of A History of the So-Called Jansenist Church of Holland

A History of the So-Called Jansenist Church of Holland

Utrecht is the head-quarters of the Jansenists, a sect of dissenters from the Roman Catholic Church, who object to the Bull of Pope Alexander VII condemning as heretical certain doctrines of Jansenius, Bishop of Ypres. They scarcely exist in any number,...

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Image of All Hallows´ Eve

All Hallows´ Eve

An evil magician is planning to take over the world. He thinks his enemies are among the livingWhen Lester Furnival and her friend Evelyn die in a plane crash, they find themselves walking through a ghostly, surreal, twilight London.Lester´s fiancé...

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Image of And Baby Makes Three

And Baby Makes Three

Carol Kanter takes you beyond Drs. Spock and Brazelton. They tell you how to bring up the baby. She shows you how to take care of yourself, too. Interesting, provocative, and very stimulating. Kanter has written a most unusual book on merging couple´s...

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Image of An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha

An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha

This is a classic explication of those books included in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, but not the Hebrew canon. They have been honored since the beginning of the Christian church, and are accepted by Catholic Christians as authoritative...

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Image of Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge

Loss is an inevitable part of life. The loss of a job, a home, a loved one, or a cherished pet can have a devastating impact. Ritual and creative expression offer ways to process grief and honor the value of that which has been lost. CROSSING THE BRIDGE...

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Image of Finding Seekers

Finding Seekers

You have spent a great amount of time, effort, and money in training to be a good spiritual director. Now you can fulfill this calling as your full-time work. This book is an ´´insider´s report from the trenches,´´ based on Bruce Tallman´s experience...

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Image of Flecker of Dean Close

Flecker of Dean Close

Long out of print, Flecker of Dean Close was one of many books Williams wrote for hire, this one commissioned by the Flecker family. It is now once again available from the Apocryphile Press. Charles Williams was one of the finest-not to mention one of...

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Image of I Can See Your House from Here!

I Can See Your House from Here!

God is the author of joy. Read the opening words of either of the Genesis stories (wait there´s more than one?) and you´ll meet a being who creates everything with love and happiness. It´s easy to imagine God dancing through creation flinging a paintbrush...

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Image of Independent Sacramental Bishops

Independent Sacramental Bishops

In this book Rob Angus Jones takes an honest look at ´´the bogeyman of validity´´-the central question of the authenticity of ISM episcopacy and ISM communities. Jones brings welcome new insight as he untangles the three critical issues that historically...

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Image of Living Mysteries

Living Mysteries

Priests in the independent sacramental movement all too often have to rely on ministerial resources from other traditions. In Living Mysteries, John Plummer provides guidance arising directly from long experience in the independent movement. He offers...

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