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Image of Chant: Silent Killer

Chant: Silent Killer

Chant Sinclair is an awesome warrior with a deadly secret past--a self-employed mercenary/con man and the hero of ´´Chant: The Silent Killer´´.

CHF 22.90
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Image of City of Whispering Stone

City of Whispering Stone

Estranged from his brother because of what has been perceived as a betrayal, Mongo must travel to pre-revolutionary Iran to heal the damage. There he must survive a deadly cat-and-mouse game with the dreaded Iranian secret police, the Savak, while incidentally...

CHF 21.90
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Image of Dark Chant in a Crimson Key

Dark Chant in a Crimson Key

Mongo becomes entangled in an international hunt for ´´the world´s most dangerous terrorist, ´´ whom Mongo comes to discover may not be at all what he appears to be.

CHF 23.90
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Image of The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone

The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone

Garth´s poisoning by a mysterious substance, combined with his experiences related in ´´The Beasts of Valhalla, ´´ changes his personality, causing him to become estranged from Mongo and his family--and resulting in tens of thousands of people coming...

bei  CHF 26.90
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