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Image of A Dance with Fred Astaire

A Dance with Fred Astaire

Born in 1922, Jonas Mekas has lived a uniquely influential life as an artist, filmmaker and bon vivant that spans the 20th century into the 21st: he played an instrumental role in the careers of Jack Smith, Andy Warhol and numerous other iconic artists.

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Image of Do Angels Need Haircuts?

Do Angels Need Haircuts?

The iconic musician´s first forays into poetry upon having quit the Velvet Underground and moved home to Long Island are gathered together in this collection, which also includes photographs and ephemera from this era, and a foreword by Anne Waldman.

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Image of Feel the Music

Feel the Music

Paul Major made his way through various Midwestern music homages to the Velvet Underground and T. Rex before moving to New York City to amass an unusual record collection and publish multiple iterations of his influential mail order catalog. Paul is the...

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Image of Flying Saucers are Real

Flying Saucers are Real

Flying Saucers Are Real is a catalogue of the Jack Womack UFO library and a history of one of the 20th century´s most pervasive subcultures.

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