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Image of Botanical Illustration Course: With the Eden Project

Botanical Illustration Course: With the Eden Project

Packed with practical information for illustrators of various abilities, this guide covers a range of subjects, from beautiful orchids and irises to complex forms, such as pineapples and artichokes - including chapters on drawing white flowers and illustrating...

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Image of Experimental Textiles

Experimental Textiles

Contains experimental design ideas as well as experimental textile practice. This book offers exercises for design work and projects for finished textiles. It covers paper, felt, machine embroidery, recycling, hand stitch, working with and combining unusual...

CHF 37.90
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Image of Reclaimed Textiles

Reclaimed Textiles

New ideas in reclaiming, recycling and reusing a range of fabrics and papers in textiles with the use of both stitch and heat tools. Whether you want to be thrifty, green or want to add a sense of heritage to your work, reclaiming old bits of paper, fabric,...

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