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Image of Beauty in the Word

Beauty in the Word

What is a good education? What is it for? To answer these questions, Stratford Caldecott shines a fresh light on the three arts of language, in a marvelous recasting of the Trivium whereby Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric are explored as Remembering,...

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Image of In Quest of Catholicity

In Quest of Catholicity

WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN WHEN TWO OF THE MOST EXPANSIVE AND ORIGINAL Catholic thinkers of our times engage in a discussion on issues that profoundly affect our understanding of the Church past, present and future? In a two-year correspondence with Malachi Martin,...

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Image of Love´s Many Names

Love´s Many Names

These poems breathe a primeval freshness. They tell of the holiness of the ages, and in voicing multiple spiritual traditions, pronounce love´s many names. Yet the poet sings also of our own time: of the trauma of the refugee crisis in Europe and the...

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Image of On the Aesthetic Education of Man

On the Aesthetic Education of Man

The history of education can easily be described as theme and variation on one motif: reform. From Plato´s critique of the Sophists in Protagoras to John Henry Newman´s considerations of education in The Idea of a University in 1854, from the educational...

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Image of Science & Myth

Science & Myth

To read Wolfgang Smith is to encounter that rara avis: someone deeply versed in science and religion. Whereas most who stand on the side of religion lack the technical expertise to know science ´´from inside,´´ scientists and writers on science are,...

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Image of Social Theories of the Middle Ages

Social Theories of the Middle Ages

Can the medieval world still speak to the modern? The implicit answer in Bede Jarrett´s remarkable work, Social Theories of the Middle Ages, is a resounding ´´yes´´. Fascinating as a purely historical study, it serves also to present the foundation...

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Image of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas

Chesterton makes one despair. I have been studying St. Thomas all my life and I could never have written such a book.´´ - Etienne Gilsonp ´´He was a Christian liberator. Like a beneficent bomb, he blew out of the Church a quantity of stained glass...

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Image of The Hidden Ear of God

The Hidden Ear of God

After the author explores the Hebrew psalter, the five daily Muslim prayers, and Indian devotional prayers, a brief chapter on Buddhism examines the relationship between Buddhist chant and prayer in Christianity. A final chapter offers conclusions concerning...

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Image of Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution

Darwin. Dawkins. Dennett. - This voluble triumvirate has gained oracular status for many scientists and laypersons in the contemporary world. But though the edifice of thought they have erected over and against tradition and faith has gained currency...

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Image of The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

In The Middle Ages, Dorothy Mills lets medieval chroniclers tell their own tales; poets and troubadours, minstrels and wandering scholars sing their own songs; and serfs describe their hard lot. She combines interesting source material with a scholarly...

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