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Image of An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar

An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar

Subtitle: The Spiritual Journey of Charles Sydney Gibbes Charles Sydney Gibbes travels abroad in a crisis of faith, and his world is changed forever when he becomes a tutor to the children of the Russian royal family. Gibbes eventually returns to Great...

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Image of The Mystery of Art

The Mystery of Art

Emmy Award-winning actor and musician Jonathan Jackson explores the profound implications of human creativity in the image of God, along with the process of becoming an artist (of any sort) dedicated to practicing his or her art from the context of a...

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Image of The Prison Epistles

The Prison Epistles

From the depths of a Roman prison, words of encouragement and instruction flowed from the tongue of the great Apostle Paul. Written down by scribes, his words went forth as a series of letters to Christian communities throughout the Roman Empire. The...

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Image of Victory in the Unseen Warfare

Victory in the Unseen Warfare

Father Jack Sparks has masterfully adapted the material from this highly treasured monastic work specifically for today´s lay Christian living in the midst of a modern world. The result is a profound but highly practical resource for those who seek to...

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Image of Words for Our Time

Words for Our Time

This volume is the first appearance in English of a selection of the informal talks Abba Matta gave to his fellow monks and to visitors. In simple, accessible language, he addresses a wide range of subjects. To read these talks is to sit at the feet of...

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