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Image of 1325 Buddhist Ways to Be Happy

1325 Buddhist Ways to Be Happy

HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NOT RELIABLE. HAPPY NOWS ARE. ´´The attainment of happiness has always been at the heart of Buddha´s teachings. The Buddha himself was known as ´´The Happy One.´´´´ ´´1325 Buddhist Ways to Be Happy´´ draws on the rich heritage...

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Image of Jesus and Buddha

Jesus and Buddha

Originally published: Berkeley: Ulysses Press, 1997.

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Image of Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook

Ramen to the Rescue Cookbook

Stereotyped as a stomach filling staple for starving students, ramen is actually wildly popular with millions of Americans for its savory flavor. This book includes a wide array of treats from Pesto Ramen with Chicken and Hamburger-Noodle Bake to exotic...

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Image of The Green Smoothie Bible

The Green Smoothie Bible

A comprehensive collection of green smoothie recipes that combine super-healthy leafy green vegetables with delicious, anti-oxidant rich fruits to produce some of the most nutritious drinks on the planet. Green smoothies, growing in popularity as a new...

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Image of The I Love Trader Joe´s Around the World Cookbook: More Than 140 International Recipes Using Foods from the World´s Greatest Grocery Store
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