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Image of ABC is for Circus

ABC is for Circus

Die farbige und phantasievolle Welt des Zirkus in einem neuen künstlerisch gestalteten englischen ABC-Buch von AMMO. Kleine Kinder werden sich mit Vergnügen erinnern an die Buchstaben und Wörter: ´A´ für ´Acrobats´, ´B´ für ´Big Top´ .. Patrick...

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Image of Amos and the Moon

Amos and the Moon

Chock-full of charm and whimsy, this 1948 title tells a simple, endearing tale of a curious little lad on his search for the moon come daylight. As the first picture book by author and illustrator Jan Balet, the imaginative illustrations and lovely storytelling...

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Image of Charley Harper

Charley Harper

Due to the popularity of the large-format and popular CHARLEY HARPERAN ILLUSTRATED LIFE, AMMO Books has just released the same book in a smaller size at a more affordable price. Charley Harper is an American original who created his art from his home...

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Image of Chasing Epic

Chasing Epic

Snowboarding as a winter sport has exploded in popularity in the last 25 years. One of the most prolific and talented photographers of this extreme sport is Jeff Curtes. CHASING EPIC: THE SNOWBOARD PHOTOGRAPHS OF JEFF CURTES is not only the ultimate document...

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Image of Come With Me To New York

Come With Me To New York

Parents and young readers will skip along through this cheery rhyming story, as they discover an impressive list of stunning sights throughout New York City. The journey begins with an exciting invitation: New York is one of my favorite cities of all;...

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Image of Eames: Beautiful Details

Eames: Beautiful Details

Renowned designers Charles and Ray Eames are amongst the greatest designers of the 20th century. They are, of course, most well known for their groundbreaking and iconic furniture designs, but they also created important, creative, experimental, and beautiful...

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Image of Hue


Kelly Wearstler´s highly anticipated AMMO Books release, HUE, celebrates the power of color from today´s ultimate trendsetter in interior designnow in a new mini edition. This elegantly photographed and designed book showcases her most recent lavish...

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Image of Paris Memory Game

Paris Memory Game

The first in our new city series of children´s titles celebrates everyone´s favorite city in the world: Paris, the city of lights. The hardcover story book, the memory game, and the coloring book are all illustrated in a hand-drawn, colorful, graphic,...

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Image of Sundance Film Festival A to Z

Sundance Film Festival A to Z

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL AZ celebrates the history and legacy of the films, actors, and directors of the Sundance Film Festival through the years. This charming board book was released in time for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and...

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