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Image of Mr Piggy

Mr Piggy

Mr Piggy has everything he needs in his brick house in far away Pig Land, so why does he want to get rid of his lovely, curly tail? He pulls it, he tugs it, and in the end... well you´ll have to read it and see! With the help of his friends, and a bit...

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Image of One Step Further

One Step Further

Steve Genis´ autobiography One Step Further is an inspirational story of a young man grappling with the long-term effects of childhood bullying, poor self-image and isolation. Steve talks about growing up in a traditional European family and trying to...

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Image of Our Magical Rainbow Tree

Our Magical Rainbow Tree

Ruby has moved to a new home in the Daintree Forest where she discovers a very special and rather beautiful plant, a Rainbow Tree. She is very excited that her cousin Charlie is coming to visit. She knows he will love Our Magical Rainbow Tree too. Ruby...

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Image of The First Aid Family - An Early Introduction to First Aid

The First Aid Family - An Early Introduction to First Aid

The First Aid Family - An Early Introduction to First Aid

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Image of The Girl Who Saved the Frogs

The Girl Who Saved the Frogs

Freddie the frog and his family live in a beautiful frog-bog by the banks of a crystal clear lake. Slowly their waterways become polluted, and the family of frogs begin to get sick. Just when they think the pollution is there to stay, everything changes...

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Image of When I Left

When I Left

We have all experienced the sadness and hurt that goes along with losing someone that you love. When I Left enables children who have experienced loss to cherish their memories of their lost loved one. Beyond helping children to understand what has happened,...

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