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Image of Biswas, G: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Biswas, G: Computational Fluid Dynamics

The techniques pertaining to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are being used world over to analyse and solve complex problems in fluid flow and heat transfer. COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS is an effort to cover a range of topics, - from elementary concepts...

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Image of Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Design and Analysis of Algorithm

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Image of Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology

ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY is systematically developed to meet the syllabus of undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering of various universities.

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Image of Engineering Graphics

Engineering Graphics

ENGINEERING GRAPHICS has been tailored for students pursuing BE/B.Tech programs in the colleges.

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Image of Industrial Management

Industrial Management

An Introduction

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Image of Introduction to Differential Equations

Introduction to Differential Equations

INTRODUCTION TO DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS is designed primarily to serve as a textbook for under graduate and post graduate students in various programs in science and engineering.

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Image of Landslide Hazard Assessment Using GIS

Landslide Hazard Assessment Using GIS

Landslides are one of the main natural disasters, and the landslide hazard assessment has become a major concern for the mountain area development. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with its excellent spatial data process ability, has attracted a...

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Image of Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

NOMENCLATURE OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS follows recommendations of IUPAC in naming organic compounds, carbocations etc. A diagrammatic presentation is given to create interest in the topic along with a comparison of different nomenclature operations for some...

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Image of Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis

NUMERICAL ANALYSIS presents topics classically covered in an undergraduate course on numerical analysis and integrates the study of numerical methods with programming practice using MATLAB.

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Image of Subspace Identification of Dynamical Systems

Subspace Identification of Dynamical Systems

SUBSPACE IDENTIFICATION OF DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS presents both the stable and unstable ones and also deals with the controller design of unstable systems.

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