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Image of Abt Thinking Rev/e 2/e

Abt Thinking Rev/e 2/e

Concerned with practical problems and matters basic to critical thinking, this volume provides many examples and ´´doable´´ exercises that stress the application of logic to situations expressed in ordinary language. It offers rules for improving...

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Image of Actors Workbk

Actors Workbk

The Actor´s Workbook´´ helps the reader transition from being an acting student to becoming a working professional in a practical, motivating, and straight forward manner. After reading and completing the various workbook exercises of ´´The Actor´s...

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Image of Allyn & Bacon Gt Writing Portf

Allyn & Bacon Gt Writing Portf

This brief and inexpensive book helps students compile effective portfolios for a variety of situations and courses. Shows students how to understand what type of portfolio is called for, recognize the material most appropriate for inclusion, and submit...

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Image of Anthropology Career Resources

Anthropology Career Resources

Contains a comprehensive listing of available resources for 20 different career fields, including suggested readings, journals, organizations with contact information, academic programs at Masters and Ph.D. levels, videos with ordering information, and...

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Image of Articulate Voice Rev/e 4/e

Articulate Voice Rev/e 4/e

The Articulate Voice´´ taps into the most current research to clearly and concisely deliver the basics on voice production and techniques for improving pitch, rate, volume, and quality. One reviewer praised, “This is a rare find in comparison to...

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Image of Assessment Of Exceptional S-8e

Assessment Of Exceptional S-8e

Heavily revised, the eighth edition of Assessment of Exceptional Students is both more current and more practical, while continuing to emphasize how both informal and formal procedures fit into the overall assessment process. A traditional text that provides...

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Image of Authentic Classroom Mgmt 3/e

Authentic Classroom Mgmt 3/e

This easy-to-read, practical text covers a broad theoretical range and attempts to narrow the gap between theory and practice to provide realistic and collaborative management options. It promotes a multidimensional perspective for managing classrooms...

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Image of Basics Of Interpersonal Commun

Basics Of Interpersonal Commun

The Basics of Speech Communication´´ is a low cost, clear and concise introduction to the basics of interpersonal communication. This text focuses on the ´´nuts and bolts´´ without providing excessive detail, ensuring that students master the fundamentals...

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Image of Beating Them All 30 Days To a

Beating Them All 30 Days To a

This concise text is designed to help pre-service and practicing teachers in California, Texas, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma beat the reading-instruction portions of National Evaluation Systems, Inc. exams...

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Image of Blended Curriculum in Inclusiv

Blended Curriculum in Inclusiv

This book will enhance the fields of early childhood education, early childhood special education, and the blended field of both by assisting in the preparation of professionals for inclusive teaching and learning environments.´´ The goal of the book,...

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