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Image of 52 Loaves

52 Loaves

William Alexander is determined to bake the perfect loaf of bread. He tasted it long ago, in a restaurant, and has been trying to reproduce it ever since. Without success. Now, on the theory that practice makes perfect, he sets out to bake peasant bread...

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Image of A Son of the Game

A Son of the Game

When acclaimed golf writer James Dodson leaves his home in Maine to revisit Pinehurst, North Carolina, where his father first taught him the game that would shape his life and career, he´s at a point where he has lost direction. But once there, the curative...

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Image of Comet´s Tale

Comet´s Tale

Comet s Tale is a story about a friendship between two former winners, both a little down on their luck, who together stage a remarkable comeback. A former hard-driving attorney, Steven Wolf has reluctantly left his job and family and moved to Arizona...

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Image of Dinner at Miss Lady´s

Dinner at Miss Lady´s

Family traditions, fond reminiscences, and over 60 heirloom recipes blend together in a fond memoir that recaptures a bygone era of Southern life.

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Image of Earth Moved

Earth Moved

Engrossing´´ (The Christian Science Monitor), ´´ fascinating´´ (TimeOut New York), ´´ delightfully nuanced´´ (Entertainment Weekly), ´´ terrific´´ (New York Newsday), ´´ inspiring´´ (Bust magazine). ´´ You know a book is good when...

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Image of Ellen Foster

Ellen Foster

Winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters´ Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction and of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation´s Citation for Fiction. An eleven-year-old heroine tells her unforgettable story with honesty, perceptivity, humor, and unselfconscious...

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Image of Far Bright Star

Far Bright Star

The year is 1916. The enemy, Pancho Villa, is elusive. Terrain is unforgiving. Through the mountains and across the long dry stretches of Mexico, Napoleon Childs, an aging cavalryman, leads an expedition of inexperienced horse soldiers on seemingly fruitless...

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Image of Herb´s Pajamas

Herb´s Pajamas

With her own special brand of delicate, elliptical humor, Thomas offers another extraordinary visit inside the heads of four New York City apartment dwellers, all of whom live on single short block on the Upper West Side where, unbeknownst to them, they...

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Image of How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm

A tour of global practices that will inspire American parents to expand their horizons (and geographical borders) and learn that there´s more than one way to diaper a baby. Mei-Ling Hopgood, a first-time mom from suburban Michigan-now living in Buenos...

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Image of If You Lived Here, I´d Know Your Name

If You Lived Here, I´d Know Your Name

Tiny Haines, Alaska, is ninety miles north of Juneau, accessible mainly by water or air-and only when the weather is good. There´s no traffic light and no mail delivery; people can vanish without a trace and funerals are a community affair. Heather Lende...

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