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Image of A Praying Congregation

A Praying Congregation

I have been saying that we should drop all church programs for a year and just teach our people how to pray! This book could well be the foundation and program for that teaching.´´ -- Richard Rohr

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Image of Community Ministry

Community Ministry

In this era of ´´faith-based initiatives,´´ congregations increasingly find themselves in the business of establishing and supporting community ministries-daycare for infants and toddlers, respite care for elders, and programs for housing rehab and...

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Image of Congregations as Learning Communities

Congregations as Learning Communities

In our rapidly evolving religious scene, congregations that are open to continuous learning and willing to respond to external and internal change, will be the ones that achieve new vitality and health. Dennis Campbell describes what those congregations...

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Image of Generous Saints

Generous Saints

A constructive theology and ethics of money in the Christian life, this series addition is by James Hudnut-Beumler, dean and associate professor of religion and culture at Columbia Theological Seminary, and deals with vital questions. ´´What does the...

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Image of How Your Church Family Works

How Your Church Family Works

Drawing on the work of Bowen, Friedman, and his own many years´ counseling experience, Steinke shows how to recognize and deal with the emotional roots of such issues as church conflict, leadership roles, congregational change, irresponsible behavior,...

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Image of In Search of the Unchurched

In Search of the Unchurched

What´s working and not working in your congregation? You´ll explore the factors that inspired and motivated changes to reverse decline as other congregations wrestled with the same issues you´re facing: ministry to current members, ministry to the...

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Image of Making Your Church More Inviting

Making Your Church More Inviting

If you´ve read the book or viewed the course, now lead your church in study with this workbook approach to Alban´s Inviting Church materials. Its fifteen sessions are designed to help clergy or lay leaders guide committees or study groups through a...

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Image of Raising the Roof

Raising the Roof

Pastoral-to-program size change is frequently described as the most challenging growth transition for congregations. Alban senior consultant Alice Mann addresses the difficulties of that transition in this resource designed specifically for a congregational...

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Image of The Sounds of Our Offerings

The Sounds of Our Offerings

Achieving Excellence in Church Music

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Image of What´s Theology Got to Do with It?

What´s Theology Got to Do with It?

For congregations seeking renewed purpose and vitality this book gets to the heart of the matter. One of the leading voices on congregational life and leadership, Anthony Robinson makes the case that congregations should openly express their beliefs and...

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