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Image of Candy for Breakfast

Candy for Breakfast

When dealing with young children, it can be hard to have them undrstand that while their way may seem to be the better option, their parents´ way is the best option. Candy for Breakfast teaches, in a fun an brightly colorful way, that listening to their...

CHF 37.90
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Image of Hadassah Unveiled

Hadassah Unveiled

An eery silence covered the room like a winter´s mist covers the moon. The old group didn´t want to speak of the hell that went on here-in The Cove-and the new group didn´t want to know about it. Nevertheless, one painfully thin, nameless girl stood...

CHF 41.90
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Image of Life Laid Down

Life Laid Down

Jesus said to count it all joy when we face trials of many kinds, and in this life, none of us gets through without facing trials. The word also says that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength and that the same power that raised Christ...

CHF 42.90
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