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Image of A, E, I, O and U On Letter Lake

A, E, I, O and U On Letter Lake

In this story the letters a, e, i, o, and u, paddle a canoe on Letter Lake. Their fun is interrupted by shouting from shore. As they turn toward the shore to see what is wrong, they lose their paddles when letter I stands up and rocks the canoe. When...

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Image of Comma Cove

Comma Cove

Comma Cove introduces the various uses of a comma in a sentence. As emerging readers are exposed to the punctuation, the adult reading the story can emphasize the impact of the comma in the manner in which they inflect tone in the sentence.

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Image of D Got Stuck

D Got Stuck

The daring letter D finds himself in a jam as he is stuck hanging from a tree by his backpack while hiking. As he is swinging left and right he ponders his situation. Much to his relief, the reliable letter R arrives on the scene and uses a clever, yet...

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Image of Noun Neighborhood

Noun Neighborhood

Noun Neighborhood introduces the definition of a noun as people, places, and things via a creative game of tag in Letter town. Children will easily recognize the familiar game of ´´Freeze Tag´´ and relate to each letter´s attempt to think of a fitting...

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Image of Plural Soup

Plural Soup

The story takes place in Cliché Café, where a dilemma unfolds when letters O, C, P, and T arrive for lunch, only to discover that the café is out of soup. Although each letter happens to have one ingredient, the chef warns that one of each item will...

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Image of The Popsicle Tree

The Popsicle Tree

In this story letter T has an idea to plant his popsicle stick believing it will grow into a Popsicle tree. Every day he goes to Syllable Stream to fill his pail and water his popsicle stick. The whole town wonders what it will be and they don´t believe...

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Image of Welcome to Alphabet World

Welcome to Alphabet World

Alphabet World is the setting for each subsequent story that introduces grammar concepts in a fun and simple way. The geography introduces concepts that are typically taught more comprehensively at an older age. This early exposure helps set children...

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