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Image of 50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Harry Potter

50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Harry Potter

This fantastic book shows the reader how to make fifty fun cocktails that have been inspired by the wonderful world of Harry Potter. From classics such as the Black Russian and Dry Martini to brand new creations like Greyback´s Lethal Bite and Snape´s...

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Image of All The Lonely People

All The Lonely People

All The Lonely People is the curtain-raiser to a successful nine-book series featuring Liverpool solicitor Harry Devlin. Devlin finds himself number one suspect in a murder case that is far too close to home. The victim is his estranged wife, Liz, who...

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Image of Dramatic Shorts

Dramatic Shorts

Dramatic Shorts is a collection of new theatrical writing allowing new playwrights to showcase their creative talents. It includes various monologues, duologues and short plays from around the world.

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Image of Harry Potter - The Complete Quiz Book

Harry Potter - The Complete Quiz Book

How much do you know about the world of Harry Potter, his friends and - of course - his enemies? Do you know what language Merpeople speak? How long does felix felicis take to prepare? Who played Delores Umbridge in the films? And what colour hue does...

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Image of How to Write a Novel in 90 Days

How to Write a Novel in 90 Days

This concise guide tells you how to write a novel by using a systematic approach to writing. This guide is written by an author not a ´guru´. A simple step by step breakdown of how to plan each day. No fillers and no theory, just the hard facts in a...

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Image of Let It Go

Let It Go

Dame Stephanie Shirley is one of Britain´s leading philanthropists and has donated most of her life to helping good causes, especially those close to her heart. This fascinating memoir charts Dame Stephanie´s life from her time as a child in Germany...

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Image of Pointless Conversations

Pointless Conversations

Never before available in print, contained within are three fantastically pointless conversations from the hand of Scott Tierney: Pointless Conversations: Superheroes In the first issue of the comic series all about the pointless, the superhero-themed...

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Image of The Novel Life of PG Wodehouse

The Novel Life of PG Wodehouse

Was PG Wodehouse really a traitor, a naive simpleton dominated by his wife and out of touch with the world around him? This book challenges many of the accepted wisdoms about PG Wodehouse and his work and skilfully entwines details of Wodehouse´s life...

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Image of Tomorrow is Another Year

Tomorrow is Another Year

When Michael accepts a nondescript job for a nameless London-based company, he finds himself embroiled in a fantastical situation: every time he wakes, time has progressed one single year. At first this seems like a gift; but as the future spirals out...

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Image of Young, Gifted and Deadly

Young, Gifted and Deadly

Brough and Miller and the rest of the Serious team are back for their eighth case. When local dignitaries start turning up murdered, the Dedley detectives are plunged into the world of the occult while suffering the effects of budget cuts. Supermarket...

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