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Image of Anorexia: A Stranger in the Family

Anorexia: A Stranger in the Family

Reveals the shocking impact of anorexia based on Katie´s personal story of overcoming the illness. It will be a help to families going through anorexia and is full of useful, practical advice.

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Image of Miriam


Miriam Rabin was born in Wrexham, North Wales, at the turn of the twentieth century, a village schoolteacher and later wife of a hill farmer. Ten years after her husband´s death, she is a major in the NKVD secret police in Stalinist Russia, a veteran...

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Image of Qualia


´A brilliant combination of epic biblical apocalypse and gritty urban fantasy.´ - James BrogdenWhen the archangel Metatron offers his incompetent human assistant Joe, one final chance to cleanse his sullied soul, he jumps at the chance. But with Armageddon...

CHF 21.90
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