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Image of A2RC Architects

A2RC Architects

One of the main concerns of Brussels-based architecture firm A2RC is the continuing urbanization of the city of Brussels. Critical of attempts over the years to modernize Brussels, A2RC´s aim is to pursue the reintegration of the city by offering full...

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Image of Alte and Neue Pinakothek Munich

Alte and Neue Pinakothek Munich

Guide to Munich´s premier art galleries, told from the uniquely qualified perspective of their Director, and featuring one of the most important collections of Old Masters in the world.

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Image of Brescia Bugatti

Brescia Bugatti

Provides an in-depth account of the origins, evolution and success of what is arguably the most revered car in early motor racing history.

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Image of Brugge Stadtfuhrer 2018

Brugge Stadtfuhrer 2018

This new 2018 edition contains: 5 specialists talking about the link between Bruges and Old Music, the Flemish Primitives and Modern Art on the occasion of the Triennial Liquid City and the leading part Bruges takes as a cultural city and for the commemoration...

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Image of Fairy Tale About Love

Fairy Tale About Love

Fairy Tale About Love

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Image of Imminent Shapes

Imminent Shapes

Il successo delle politiche di rigenerazione urbana a Genova è dubbio, nel senso che, se di alcuni di questi progetti, come ad esempio il nuovo waterfront progettato da Renzo Piano, si può dire che abbiano effettivamente modificato immagine, ruolo e...

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Image of London Peculiars

London Peculiars

Oddities, storied details and overlooked points of historical significance across the capital, drawn attention to by the author of ´´English Allsorts´´ and ´´Unmitigated England´´.

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Image of Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow

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Image of New York Resized

New York Resized

The Big Apple in miniature. Special photographic techniques create a bird´s eye perspective thus transforming the City. Accompanied by quotes about the City, this is for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

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Image of Paris from Above

Paris from Above

A pocket-size edition of Yann Arthus-Bertrand´s aerial photographic tribute to Paris, in which he shares his view of his own city.

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