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Image of Alternative Shakespeare Auditions for Me

Alternative Shakespeare Auditions for Me

Fifty speeches to help men select fresh and unusual speeches from frequently ignored plays.

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Image of Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens

Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens

A humorous take on British kings and queens through the ages. Packed with facts and information - focusing on all the funny bits.

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Image of Encyclopedia of Surnames

Encyclopedia of Surnames

The Encyclopedia of Surnames is not just another dictionary! With entertaining coverage of more than 7,000 surnames, it provides a complete and accessible companion to tracing the history of names. Written by John Ayto, a respected lexicographer, it is...

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Image of Epicoene or the Silent Woman

Epicoene or the Silent Woman

This text is part of the ´´New Mermaids´´ series of modern spelling, fully-annotated editions of English plays. Each volume includes a critical introduction, biography of the author, discussions of dates and sources, textual details, a bibliography...

CHF 22.90
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Image of One Hour Craft

One Hour Craft

A collection of fast, quirky craft projects for the imagination-rich but time poor. Projects include: tulip doily lights, fabric button hair ties, felted lavender sleep bears and many more. Suitable for the experienced crafters and absolute beginners...

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Image of Reeds Oki Eastern Almanac

Reeds Oki Eastern Almanac

The Reeds Oki Eastern Almanac is designed specifically for UK East Coast, Dutch & Belgian Sailors. This edition has been meticulously researched and rigorously checked and offers all the latest navigation and port information for the area. Spiral bound...

CHF 67.90
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Image of Reeds Oki Looseleaf Almanac

Reeds Oki Looseleaf Almanac

This looseleaf version of the Reeds Oki Nautical Almanac makes the extensive data information available in the bound version quick and easy to access while allowing the navigator to easily expand or refresh it with one of a range of three annual update/pilotage...

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Image of Reeds Oki Western Almanac

Reeds Oki Western Almanac

The Reeds Western Almanac is ideal for any boater lucky enough to cruise and race in the superb waters off the coast of Scotland and Ireland. Spiral Binding allows the almanac to be opened flat on the chart table and the large size type makes it easy...

CHF 47.90
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Image of Rouleur Annual 6

Rouleur Annual 6

This annual celebration provides an exclusive look into the world of professional racing from a band of photographers with distinct takes on what it is that makes cycling the most visually inspiring sport in the world. Rouleur has published a season´s...

CHF 68.90
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Image of Sir Thomas More: Third Series

Sir Thomas More: Third Series

This edition of Sir Thomas More is the first to bring the play into the context of a major Shakespeare series, to provide a substantial critical analysis, and to offer a comprehensive modern stage history. The introduction deals with issues such as the...

CHF 22.90
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