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Image of Celtic Wonder Tales

Celtic Wonder Tales

From childhood we listen to tales of ghosts, banshees, haunted castles and mischievous sprites. But it is not until you immerse yourself in Gaelic literature that you realise what a heritage awaits, for Celtic folklore overflows with vivid stories that...

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Image of English Fairy Tales

English Fairy Tales

This volume contains forty-three English folk stories and tales. But why call them FAIRY STORIES? One cannot imagine a child saying, ´Tell me a folk-tale´, or ´Another nursery tale, please, grandma´. Fairy tales are stories in which occurs something...

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Image of Eskimo Folk Tales

Eskimo Folk Tales

THE 53 Eskimo, or Inuit, folk tales contained herein were collected in various parts of Greenland, taken down from the lips of the Eskimo story-tellers themselves, by Knud Rasmussen [1879 - 1933], the Danish explorer, himself partly of Eskimo origin....

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Image of Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales

Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales

This volume is a treasure chest of classic Eastern tales drawing on the rich folklore of Turkey. Forty-four Turkish Fairy Tales has not been in print for almost 100 years, mainly because the original edition had lavish production standards. On the used...

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Image of Indian Legends of Vancouver Island

Indian Legends of Vancouver Island

A great read for children and for use around campfires! Herein you will find seventeen stories of adventure and legend from Vancouver Island, or the land known as Wakash Nation. Stories like ´´The Legend Of The Thunder Birds´´, ´´How Shewish Became...

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Image of Joshua Talks to God

Joshua Talks to God

Joshua trips and falls and enters an unseen world. While in this surreal world, he encounters a gigantic orangey-purple Sun with mysterious dark and light blue rings spinning around in a sky of pink and vanilla. Around him are red and green rocks and...

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Image of The Life and Death of Cormak the Skald

The Life and Death of Cormak the Skald

This is the story of a poet, poor and proud, with all the strength of a Viking and all the weakness of genius. He loves a fine lady, a spoiled child; who bewitches him, and jilts him, and jilts him again. In true Viking style he fights for her, kills...

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Image of The Myths of Mexico and Peru

The Myths of Mexico and Peru

In 19th C. Europe it was not unusual to speak of the Americas as ´´continents without a history.´´ The folly of this statement was extreme. For centuries prior to European occupation Central America was the seat of civilisations boasting a history...

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Image of The Red Fairy Book

The Red Fairy Book

This book has been especially re-published to raise funds for ´´The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children´s Charity´´. By buying this book you will be donating to this great charity that does so much good for ill children and which also enables families...

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Image of The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson

The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson

EGILL SKALLAGRÍMSSON (ca. 910AD - ca. 990AD) was a Viking Age poet, warrior and farmer and the protagonist of Egil´s Saga. Born in Iceland, the son of Skalla-Grímr Kveldúlfsson, a respected chieftan, and Bera Yngvarsdóttir. Egill composed his first...

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