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Image of Alaska Gold

Alaska Gold

Tom Wolfe, a recently retired, highly decorated Army Ranger, learns of the treasure at his granduncle?s birthday party. His uncle assures him the gold is just waiting to be taken, but warns taking it can be deadly. Wolfe collects an odd assortment of...

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Image of Amazon Moon

Amazon Moon

As a young man, John Alvarez is a bad boy, so it´s no surprise when a judge finally gives him the choice between going to prison and joining the Marine Corps. Alvarez reluctantly decides on the latter, not realizing that he will discover himself and...

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Image of A Mermaid´s Tears

A Mermaid´s Tears

A Mermaid´s Tears

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Image of Ansley


Every family must deal with both good and bad, along with the surprises of life. In Ansley, a fictionalized memoir, author Philip Wigent explores these issues among the early generations of his family. Building a narrative based on old letters and documents...

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Image of A Stargazer´s Question and Beyond the Ecliptic
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Image of A Tale of Two Hotels

A Tale of Two Hotels

A Tale of Two Hotels

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Image of A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web

Annelise loved the outdoors, animals, and art. As a teenager, her days were spent lying in the grass drawing her cat, or up in the trees studying the bugs that made their home in the leaves. She wanted to do them justice in her artwork. The young artist...

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Image of Chasing Zero

Chasing Zero

Whenever I hear someone mention the year 1996, I immediately think of that magical baseball season in which a special group of young men won forty-three consecutive baseball games. But it was so much more than just those forty-three games. It was the...

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Image of Creating a Lifetime of Wellness

Creating a Lifetime of Wellness

So many of us are unaware of the way we are feeding ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This lack of attention leads to a life that is far less than what we deserve. In Creating a Lifetime of Wellness, author Aura E. Martinez...

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Image of Diary of a Father

Diary of a Father

Connor thought he´d marry his longtime girlfriend, but life sometimes throws you a curveball. After a bewildering breakup, he meets Scarlett, and the two fall in love and get engaged, teaching him a valuable lesson: Sometimes the things that don´t happen...

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