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Image of Abacus Hanabi, Deutsch

Abacus Hanabi, Deutsch

Hanabi ist ein kooperatives Spiel. Das heisst alle Spieler spielen zusammen in einem Team. Die Spieler müssen die Feuerwerkskarten nach Farben und Zahlen geordnet ausspielen. Dabei sehen sie jedoch ihre eigenen Handkarten nicht und jeder ist auf die...

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Image of Adventures In The Screen Trade

Adventures In The Screen Trade

As befits more than twenty years in Hollywood, Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman´s sparkling memoir is as entertaining as many of the films he has helped to create. From the writer of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President´s...

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Image of A History In Fragments

A History In Fragments

The problem with the history of twentieth-century Europe is that everyone thinks they know it. The great stories of the century - the two world wars, the rise and fall of Nazism and communism, female emancipation - seem self-evidently important. But behind...

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Image of A Mountain In Tibet

A Mountain In Tibet

Throughout the East there runs a legend of a great mountain at the centre of the world, where four rivers have their source. Charles Allen traces this legend to Western Tibet where there stands Kailas, worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists alike as the home...

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Image of A Tale Etched In Blood And Hard Black Pencil

A Tale Etched In Blood And Hard Black Pencil

We could tell you about the bodies. We could tell you their names, where they were found, the state they were in. We could tell you about the suspects too, the evidence, the investigators; join a few dots, even throw you a motive. But what would be the...

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Image of A Whispered Name

A Whispered Name

To keep quiet about something so important . . . well, it´s almost a lie, wouldn´t you say?´ When Father Anselm meets Kate Seymour in the cemetery at Larkwood, he is dismayed to hear her allegation. Herbert Moore had been one of the founding fathers...

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Image of Bandit Roads

Bandit Roads

There are many ways to die in the Sierra Madre, a notorious nine-hundred-mile mountain range in northern Mexico where AK-47s are fetish objects, the law is almost non-existent and power lies in the hands of brutal drug mafias. Thousands of tons of opium...

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Image of Black Watch

Black Watch

As a 19-year old Black Watch conscript Tom Renouf´s war began with some of the most vicious fighting of the conflict - against Himmler´s fanatical ´Hitler Youth´ SS Division. It ended with the capture of Himmler himself and Tom taking a trophy he...

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Image of Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew

During the Second World War aeronautical technology gathered rapid pace. By 1945, bombers had not only greatly increased in engine power and range, but the bombs which they carried rose from 250lbs to 10 tons; the navigator´s pencil and rubber of 1939...

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Image of Botswana Time

Botswana Time

Will Randall travels with a purpose, as well as an outrageous sense of fortune. In INDIAN SUMMER he found himself, by chance, having the extraordinary experience of helping slum schoolchildren put on a play to help save their school. In Botswana he was...

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