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Image of It´s Not a Race

It´s Not a Race

Meet Ashton. He´s four years old. He always wins at his school. He likes to be the fastest and smartest. He loves to WIN no matter what! But not this time; when he tries to win at home, he hurts his baby sister´s feelings and makes her cry. Ashton learns...

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Image of Katie Loves her Kitty

Katie Loves her Kitty

This book is all about a little girl named Katie who learns the lesson of love. Written from Katie´s perspective, this is a great story for parents, children, teachers, and counselors with an entertaining way to teach kids about affection, companionship,...

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Image of Kyle Klepto Shares and Cares

Kyle Klepto Shares and Cares

Meet Kyle. He loves toys. Every time he sees a toy he really likes, he wants to take it. His eyes begin to stare, and then, he starts to glare. Kyle learns a valuable lesson about not taking toys that are not his and, instead, sharing with others. Written...

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Image of No Es Una Carrera

No Es Una Carrera

Conozcan a Ashton. Tiene cuatro años. Siempre gana en su escuela. A él le gusta ser el más rápido y el más listo. ¡Ama GANAR de una forma u otra! Pero no esta vez; cuando trata de ganar en casa, hiere los sentimientos de su hermana menor y la hace...

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Image of Rumble League Ronnie

Rumble League Ronnie

Meet Ronnie. He is obsessed with a particular game called RUMBLE LEAGUE and loses sight of other important things and people in his life. His friends begin to distance themselves from him because he loses control of himself in this game and doesn´t consider...

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