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Image of A New Friend for Dilly

A New Friend for Dilly

Dilly, the little rat, is lonely and would love to have a friend. He has just one problem -- finding the perfect friend to share his pickles with.

CHF 19.90
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Image of Bait for Lunch

Bait for Lunch

Gilroy Tanaka thinks Grandpa staying with him while Mom and Dad are away will be a treat. Poor Gilroy´s delight turns to shock when his grandfather serves octopus for dinner and squid kabobs for lunch. What´s a hungry kid supposed to do?

CHF 18.90
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Image of Sammy the Shivering Snowblower

Sammy the Shivering Snowblower

Sammy the snowblower hated the cold. It ´´froze´´ his controls. The time comes when he must save the day and clear the drive. But can he do it?

bei  CHF 21.90
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