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Image of Freckles and the Less Fortunate

Freckles and the Less Fortunate

Freckles wants everything she sees in the stores until one day, she meets another bunny named Stew and learns just how lucky she is to have what she does. Stew´s family can´t afford to buy everything brand new or shop often. Freckles soon begins to...

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Image of The Freckle Monster

The Freckle Monster

Freckles is sure she will win the anti-bullying poster contest. Freckles is very disappointed when she learns Stew wins. With the help of the snobby weasel girls, she shows Stew how mad and jealous she is. Meanwhile, Freckles´ lies have caused fighting...

CHF 37.90
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Image of The Ultimate Cherry Cookbook

The Ultimate Cherry Cookbook

A book inspired by the delicious little fruit that grows in Bruno, Saskatchewan. Bake a cake, make some soup, or if you are feeling a little saucy, add some cherry ketchup or barbecue sauce to your cherry burger. This book contains 133 recipes that contain...

CHF 26.90
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